Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bears Strike Gould--End Seahawk Season

The Seattle Seahawks played hard today, but were unable to come up with the victory. Robbie Gould, an undrafted kicker from Penn State, kicked a 49 yard field goal in sudden death overtime for a 27-24 victory over the 'Hawks in round 2 of the NFC Playoffs. Matt Hasselbeck had some flashes of brilliance, but made a few critical errors, like a late interception on the next play after the Seattle's Pete Hunter came up with a critical interception of his own as the Bears were threatening to go for a touchdown. All through this season, the 'Hawks showed an inability to execute in short yardage situations and that came back to haunt the team in this game.
Saun Alexander showed signs of his old self with a 106 yard, 2 touchdown performance. The critical question for the 2007 season is whether he will be able to get his step back and be the dangerous running back that he was in 2005-2006.

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Dave Zarkin said...

Was this game played at Soldier Field? It might explain the loss. With the wind whipping off Lake Michigan it is unforgiving.