Monday, January 08, 2007

Apprentice 6: When Ya Gotta Go--Ya Gotta Go

Greetings, Apprentice fans! From the Seattle area, where inhabitants have spent the winter in a virtual wrestling match with Mother Nature. Yes, the Apprentice is back and for the first time, they have left New York for Sunny Southern California.
Donald Trump begins by driving up in his mucho deniro sports car wearing wraparound sunglasses, it's time to meet his new candidates but first he joins his wife and baby, Baron. Instead of Downtown New York, the action begins in probably the Hollywood Hills, where there are two mansions, one for the Donald and his beautiful wife Melania and number 5 heir apparent and one for the candidates.
The candidates arrive in Limo and they introduce themselves. Their self descriptions are shown very briefly with lots of cuttaways until Angie comes up, she was a goalie for the US Hockey Team in the 2006 Winter Olympics. Donald gives her a hug, an act of patriotism on his part. Introduced next is Martin (pictured above), kind of a Lionel Richey look a like. In an awkward attempt at a joke, he says he will "hug Trump" if he would let him use the bathroom! One thing is for sure, you would not want to hug him until he goes and I don't think Donald would want to ever hug him no matter what. Oh well.
The first task is to pitch a tent in the backyard. We the viewer know the idea behind that, but not the candidates. After that is done, the candidates are asked who were the leaders, they decided that Frank and Heidi should lead. Frank had a loud squeaky voice, Heidi was steady, with a slight resemblance to Rebecca from Apprentice 4. The two were told to choose sides and also that the winning PM stayed PM until they lost. Interesting because that way how do they get to see everyone in that role. One thing I noticed is for the first time, the teams were not named. Hopefully that will be later.
I like the first task that the candidates did because it was similar to the first task in the first show. It was to put on a car wash. Maybe that was because they could not find many sponsors for this season.
Mr Trump's "eyes and ears" would be daughter Ivanka who also blogs this season for yahoo
Ivanka comes across as more personable than Caroline, an amiable intelligent beauty.
Instead of printing fancy signs, Heidi's team scratched crude signs on cardboard and had shirtless guys hold them up. Frank on the other hand was tied up most of the day at Kinko's maybe a different store would have had better results, I have one in mind.
Heidi's team wins and gets 2 rewards, they can sleep in the mansion and they will have dinner at Spagos with owner chef Wolfgang Puck and of course Donald and Melania. Frank's team get a trip to the boardroom and also, like all losing teams will, has to sleep in the tents. They have shower booths and porta potties. Not the best way to get up and ready for visiting LA business people the next day, I'm dying to see how that plays out.
Frank's team goes to the boardroom and the team is split between Frank and Martin on who should be fired. Not only had Martin done the "go to the bathroom" remark, but also during the task, told Ivanka he was tired. Martin will be able to spend all the time in the bathroom that he wants because he was fired!


PJ said...

Great review, I noticed they did have names for the corporations in the opening credits but did not show the teams acutally choosing those names.
I agree, Frank has to go...ha.

Dave Zarkin said...

Speaking of TV, Go to and check out Burl Barer's post on the fabulous Ziv Television, pioneer syndicators in the 50s and beyond.