Monday, November 27, 2006

Near Blizzard Hits Seattle Area

We had plans to watch the Seahawks tonight at the Joker Pub in Issaquah, but scuttled it when snow and ice clogged the roads and cars starting swerving out of control. We had just turned on East Lake Sammamish after a smooth ride from Bellevue when the skies opened up and the hard snow fell. There was also thunder and lightning (not something you see often in the winter). By miracle, we made it home, just in time to see the final minutes of the 4th quarter, but who cares, we were all home safe and warm!


Dave Zarkin said...

The photo must be from the Cascades. Snow is not welcome in Seattle. Salt Lake was bracing for a big storm but it was mostly slush Monday night. No snow in Minnesota but it's cold.

Mike Barer said...

Good eye,that was taken on Snoqualmie pass. But this whole area is strangled by snow. I need to get the pictures that I took along the Cedar and in my backyard.
Saying it's cold in Minnesota this time of year is like saying that's it's hot at the equator. lol