Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Festival Of Lights

Chanukah has received more attention than usual since it fell on Christmas Day. This is the first time this has happened since 1959. It usually comes early in the season and is done by the time Christmas actually roles around. This is because of the varience in the Hebrew and English calendars. A good reference book for Jews and Non Jews would be "Judaism For Dummies" it was co written by Rabbi Ted Falcon who also Co officiated at our wedding. This picture was rudely stolen from Burl Barer's blog. Posted by Picasa


Dave Zarkin said...

You are not the only one stealing from cousin Burl's wonderful blog. I appropriated a bit of nonsense from Burl about the buff man who bangs the gong at the start of every Rank Organization film. Most of you are too young to remember the Rank Org. go to

steve said...

You can't mention ted falcon with out mentioning his tag team partner the reverend Flora Bowers

Mike Barer said...

That is amazing that you can remember Flora. I wonder what she is up to nowadays.