Sunday, December 04, 2005

Goldberg Brothers Appear At Barnes And Noble

My Cousins Lee and Tod Goldberg have finished their Seattle visit. Lee has just released Man With The Iron On Badge, a story about an amateur private eye. Tod has released Simplify, a collection of short stories that he has written over the years.
Tod and Lee appeared first at the Seattle Mystery Bookstore, a small and intimate "hole in the wall" in Pioneer Square. While I was working most of the day, Deb and I were able to catch them at the ritzy U-Village Barnes And Noble, the complete opposite end of the spectrum from mystery store.
Although it was cold and snowy outside, we greeted them with the warmth of an LA summer evening. The brothers presented their books with a Smothers Brothers-like schtick that had all of us in stitches. I was so moved that I purchased 3 of their books plus one of each for my Dad which they cheerfully signed. It was great to see so many of our family turn out.


Lee Goldberg said...

Thank you, Mike! It was great to see you and the family, too. We have to get up to Seattle more often...when it's warm.

Lee Goldberg said...
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