Friday, December 09, 2005

Apprentice Winds Down Part II

When we left off, the two remaining candidates are dining with George and Caroline at Magu. A Japanese Seafood Restaurant. Rebecca, or maybe Randall asks George for the all important advice. George replies that they can start out by picking their teams. Every season the final two candidates each are set up with one last task, one always different than the other, usually involving a charity. Donald then picks fired candidates to help on each team. The main thing is that there is no real motivation for the rest of the team to perform other than the respect that they have the leader has earned and the fact that they may be looking for a job and it is quite unbecomming to RF a project out of spite on national TV. This is the first time the project managers picked their own teams, probably because Trump respects these two more than any previous candidates.
Both PMs want Chris, a promising leader who made one tacticle mistake in an early episode, they wind up flipping a coin and Rebecca winds up with him. Rebecca's 2 other picks are James, and Toral. Toral was the lady with the Wharton education who just could not get along with anyone. Rebecca saved her from the axe one time and she went from bad to worst, almost taking Rebecca with her. This pick was shocking considering Rebecca was gathering momentum. Randall picked Mark, Josh, and couriously Marshawn. James, Mark and Josh were big players in the Excell machine that racked up 3 consecutive victories until their arrogance became their undoing in the Dick's Sporting Goods where all three, along with Jennifer where fired. Noone picked Jennifer, Marcus, Melissa, Felisha, Alla or Brian and probably rightfully so.
Next morning Rebecca answers the famous call from Rhona, Randall and Rebecca are to join Trump in the boardroom to meet their respective teams and learn their final tasks which Trump says will be very, very difficult.
Rebecca will host a Yahoo sponsored All Star Comedy Night to raise money for the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aides foundation. Randall will put on a celebrity softball game sponsored by Outback Restaurants to benefit Autism Speaks. Posted by Picasa

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PJ said...

I was so glad they got to pick their own employees. It just seems fair to them and to the sponsors they are working with to have the best.