Friday, December 09, 2005

Apprentice Winds Down With 2 Excellent Finalists

Rebecca And Randall wait in the Suite to see which member of Capital Edge will return. But instead of Felisha or Alla in walks Donald with all the comfort of a detective walking into your college dorm room. He delivers the happy news that both Alla and Felisha were fired and that they are the last two standing. The two are elated. Randall is a aRhodes Scholar with what seems like more degrees than Bakersfield in June and Rebecca is the sweet but tough financial manager who has overcome a broken ankle to show that she can compete with the best.
At dinner at Trump's favorite restaurant with George and Caroline, Randall and Rebecca find out that they need to pick their teams. Both make 2 great picks (one they both want) and 1 questionable one.
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