Thursday, December 01, 2005

Apprentice: Finally 2 Excellent Finalists

Greetings from snowy Seattle and being that it's late and need to brave an early morning commute from Maple Valley to Bellevue, I'll get right to the point. Tonight's episode involved our hometown company Microsoft.
Last time Microsoft came into play was in last season when Verna, a software engineer from Seattle, quit in first episode, she was talked out of quitting by Caroline and then quit in the second episode. How is that for Seattle civic pride?
It's down to the final four, but Felisha is not happy. She was called out as the weakest finalist. She confides her frustration to Alla, her dear "friend" but somehow does not catch what the camera does, Alla's nasty smirk.
The project is to do a commerial to promote Microsoft Office Live Meeting. A new software package that allows users to teleconference via their desktop computers.
Felisha wants to be project manager to prove herself, really an impossible task at this point. Alla seems to want to fight for control but really wants to let Felisha hang herself.
Randall and Rebecca who form Excel find roadblocks but they are on the same page. These are two people who honestly respect each other and rightfully so.
What Capital Edge comes up with was so bad that it's obvious. Excel once again hits the mark and wins the task.
In the boardroom, Alla could have kept her mouth shut and Felisha would have been fired. Felisha just had not performed up to par and Trump saw Alla as a strong player. Alla however wanted to say her piece and in doing so got herself a pink slip along with Felisha and now Capital Edge is no more.
Congrats to Randall and Rebecca, two of the more hard working and likable contestants to come around in a long time. Posted by Picasa

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PJ said...

Ha, you should have seen me yelling at the TV. ShutUP Alla, just ShutUP!