Monday, December 19, 2005

Bush Hits The Airwaves

I switched from the football game last night and our President was on TV. I don't remember the last time that I had seen him make a live speech so I check the 3 network channels and sure enough it was a live speech. The president was explaining his entry into the war and his mistakes and the lack of evidence of any WMDs. The speech was concillatory, because it had to be. If poll numbers were on his side, would he have used this tone? No way. So we made a mistake and we invaded a country under false circumstances. The president looked like a 14 year who had taken his Dad's Lexus for a joyride.
The Congressional elections are this fall. If the GOP does not retain it's majority in Congress, it's going to be a much rougher ride for the President.

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Dave Zarkin said...

Let me get this posted before the extralegal snoops ship me off to Guantnamo or Egypt for questioning. Soon Iraq will have a government every bit as crazy as the Iranian president. If Israel thought things would be better without Sadam, guess again. What's with 77-year-old Ariel Sharon eating like a pig, wide as he is tall and maybe that's why he had a stroke? Duh. Keep up the good work.