Friday, December 16, 2005

Apprentice 4 Finale: It's Randall!

There is a new Apprentice, Donald Trump has named Randall Pinkett. Although the final two were probably the best ever, there really was no question that he would be picked. He has 5 degrees, is a Rhodes Scholar and seems like the kind of guy that would be fun to hang around with. Rebecca was evervescent charming as usual and obviously impressed Trump as well as the TV audience. It did become kind of clear that she may not have gotten along that well with some of the castmates.
As far as the tasks, both candidates had set backs. Randall's softball game was cancelled because of rain. He was still was somehow able to raise 11,ooo dollars for Autism by staging an alternative event in the locker room of the field. Rebecca's celebrity comedy night had the host cancel because of a union conflict. Her event was well attended, but was unable to raise money for the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
In closing I wanted to thank PJ of Houston for her comments which inspired me to keep up the task and Apprentice Randall Pinkett, who returned an e-mail saying that he too was a reader. Also thank you to Felisha Mason and Adam Israelov, who both suprised me by returning e-mails discussing points of the show.
PJ will be writing about THE BACHELOR starting in January. I personally do not watch or care for the show, but look forward to reading her take.


PJ said...

It was fun, wasn't it?
Happy Holidays, Mike

Sven said...

Personally, I hated the wrap up. Throughout the show Randall was constantly fair, cooperative and especially supportive of Rebecca. Yet, in the finale his ego got in the way and I have lost all respect I ever had for him. He constantly referred to himself and Rebecca as a great team and emphasised his respect for her. Yes, he kinda had a point that hiring Rebecca as well would not fit the show's promise. But so many rules have been frequently bent throughout the course of the show that it should definitely not matter. Rebecca was clearly a threat to Randall, because she would have outperformed him if she had been accepted. Yet, she would not have even crossed his path as she chose the first project. Randall, you're a silly fool! The only thing that sucks is not knowing if Trump was seriously considering both. If yes, he should have made Rebecca the winner, because she would have had no issues with Randall joining her. Hope she gets something good outta this!

Mike Barer said...

Let's not forget that Randall knew more about Rebecca than any of us did.

Anonymous said...

Randall was the winner hands down! Rebecca was not in his league, so as a Rhodes Scholar myself I am personally insulted that Mr. Trump would even consider what's her name!!

Anonymous said...


You are very biased in your comment.
Randal did good and was not prejudiced against Rebecca.
She in return talked very negatively about Randal.
The kind of assignment would out do the lady.
Thumbs up for Randal.
He made a show, he is a great man