Friday, April 06, 2007

Ventrella May Sit Out Race

Sources now tell me that Tony Ventrella will not be a candidate for the 8th district seat. The feeling is that the family oriented Ventrella has found that a campaign would be very taxing as far as time and effort. Ventrella seems to be very civic minded and may feel that he can find other ways to benefit his community. What remains to be seen is whether this means clear sledding for Darcy Burner or if the move to draft Ross Hunter will take on a new life.


Dave Zarkin said...

Ross Hunter was a producer at Universal-Internationa in the 50s who produced a lot of big budget glossy flicks that were quite popular. Guess the movie biz went bad and he's giving politics a run. Go Rossie!

steve said...

And he just now realized this?

I think the democrats should draft Michael Barer!