Monday, April 16, 2007

The Apprentice: The Final Task

The last four contestants are talking in the kitchen. All are members of the old team Arrow, a late starter, whom at the the beginning of this season, had spent weeks in the tents before they earned their first victory. They are surprised when Donald Trump and his son Donald, Jr walk in to the mansion (without knocking) telling them to get dressed up because they have a cocktail party to attend to in Beverly Hills with the 5 previous winners of the show. When they arrive at the party, they learn that Bill Rancik, the first winner and show mouthpiece, was unable to attend because of a last minute business meeting. Randall, Sean, Kelly, and Kendra are there and dispatch what seems to be useless wisdom to the candidates. Kelly informs them of one final task. Both teams can pick 2 fired candidates. James and Stefani pick Aaron and Kinetic's Angela , a smart choice because she had a big fan in Trump. Frank and Nicole pick Suryea and Tim.
The candidates are split into 2 teams and are to meet Donald Trump at the backlot of Universal Studios. Teams will make a one minute movie (commercial) for Renuzit.Trump mentioned that was one of his mother's favorite products. They will show their commercial to a popcorn chomping audience at an AMC theatre.
After watching the real commercial for Renuzit, neither ad is terribly inspiring, but the audience seems to like both and Trump does not fire any candidates. On to next week when Trump will pick the winner from the final four.


PJ said...

All four move forward and with not even a big charity event to plan.
I feel so ripped

Wallyhorse said...


I suspect what happened was, sometime during the Trump Las Vegas boardroom the producers found out that one or both of the charity events that were supposed to make up the final tasks had to be canceled, and the producers had to scramble with Renuzit becoming the final task.

Given the time of filming of the final two tasks (knowing Tim was "fired" last July 4), it's possible the charity events, if scheduled were for Wednesday, July 12, with one or both being post-ESPY awards parties (the ESPY awards are sports' version of the Oscars that are held the Wednesday following Major League Baseball's all-star Game in LA). If that was the case, it's possible that Disney/ESPN (which owns the ESPY's) told the people behind such events they had to back out of being the final tasks on the show since the ESPY's air on a Disney outlet as opposed to NBC-Universal.