Monday, April 02, 2007

The Apprentice: Tim Goes From Bad To Worst

Last week, after Arrow PM James sent Nicole to the opposing team, breaking up the couple, Tim angered his girlfriend with his competitive drive. This week while Tim, worked hard to make up with Nicole, he angered his own team by sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. Over the hedge talking too much to the members of Kinetic.

The teams met at the publishing headquarters of the Los Angeles Times. Trump tells them that it is the nation's largest suburban newspaper. He is accompanied by Ivanka and executives from Smartmouth, a new mouthwash. The project will be to create a Sunday insert supplement for Smartmouth which would run in the LA Times.

Kinetic, down to three finally seems to be able to work well together, probably because Heidi is PM again, in spite of the fact that Nicole has not ever been. Arrow on the other hand is out of sync, there concepts seemed good, but made error like forgetting their phones and not streamlining their presentation. They lose the task. Anyone on the team could have been fired, but the team turned it's wrath toward Tim, who Trump was already a bit angry with. Tim was fired.

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PJ said...

I was very surprised Nicole was not PM but wow they did great.
Tim was so unfocused, I never saw him going all the way.