Thursday, April 26, 2007

Primary Decision This Weekend

I'm heading to Bellingham this weekend, I am part of the Washington State Democratic Central Committee, meeting each quarter to determine election strategy and party policy. It is indeed a terrific honor to help represent the 5th legislative district in such a gathering. In today's Seattle Times, the editorial page called upon our body, to use the statewide primary as a factor in determining which presidential candidate's delegates are chosen to go to the national convention.
I think this idea has merit. It's easier to vote in the Primary, you can use an absentee ballot. It plays better in the media and as such, brings more presidential candidates to the area. In the past, I have wondered why Washington does not have such a system. However, I believe and I will vote to retain the caucus system
The Times says "Other Democrats now must lean on the party decision-makers, who will convene Saturday in Bellingham. Activists within the party are trying to reverse its habit of elitist decision-making." In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The caucus is the true grassroots form of policy. They empower neighborhoods and give voice to the many concerns around the region. Having lead the caucus in Maple Valley, I can attest that that it was very well attended, a joint effort to talk about the issues with our neighbors.
If we go to the primary, I think Seattle will drown out the rest of the state, dark horse candidates will have less of a chance and politics will be a game for only the powerful.

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