Monday, April 23, 2007

The Appretice Finale: Stefani Schaeffer Last Apprentice?

She was a surprise but by no means a long shot. Stefani Schaeffer (a California attorney) did not serve as project manager during the entire season and yet she was hired by Donald Trump. Seattle's James Sun who's high voltage style charmed some and annoyed many others was runner up. Sun had directed the Arrow team to 2 victories. Usually the final show involves the last two standing contestants, this year, there were 4 finalists, although Frank and Nicole, both visibly nervous, were gone fast.
Stefani, usually under the radar, served the team as "den mother" quietly filling team needs. She seemed to compliment the hard charging James in several tasks. Stefani, much more animated and outgoing last night than she had been most of the season, told Trump she could see herself hiring James to work for her someday.
Because of this year's format change that allows PMs to work until the team loses, Stefani, as mentioned above did not get her chance to serve . She will be working on a Trump resort project in the Dominican Republic.
The show which made "your fired" a pop culture catch phrase has been rapidly declining in ratings and no mention was made of future programs. This season, shot in LA, was the first to be done anywhere but New York. The final was broadcast live from the Hollywood Bowl.


PJ said...

Trump still thinks it's a #1

Wallyhorse said...

I suspect the show will be back:

The finale got around eight million viewers, which may not seem like a lot until you realize how severely diminished the overall TV ratings have become in recent years AND the finale, in addition to what it aired opposite on other networks aired directly opposite Yankees-Red Sox on ESPN, which drew 5.5 million viewers and likely cut directly into the ratings, especially in New York.

Mike Barer said...

You are right Wallyhorse