Monday, April 09, 2007

The Apprentice: Three Is A Crowd

On this episode, we are down to the last 6 players, Trump brings Arrow back into the mansion, there will be no more backyard camping.
The candidates meet the next morning in the boardroom, Trump has dissolved the teams and have split themselves into three teams of two players each. Kristine is tired of working in Heidi's shadow and pairs off with Nicole, Heidi is left to work with Frank. The most solid group is James and Stefani who have worked together the whole time.
Candidates will fly to Las Vegas where Trump Tower's condos have filled so fast that a second tower will be built. The task was to begin create a promotional campaign for the new tower.
Nicole and Kristine cannot seem to get on the same page. Heidi by herself does not seem as strong as in the past and finds out that Frank is abrasive and impossible to work with. James and Stefani are a "well oiled machine" and have their presentation ideas started before the even arrive.
James and Stefani have a great presentation, while the two other teams are shockingly bad. Four people are on the chopping block, but Trump mercifully fires only two, Kristine and Heidi.

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PJ said...

I really thought all 4 were going..I really did and there is Nicole in the final four with never having been PM!