Saturday, December 09, 2006

Review: Bobby

Robert Kennedy was a passionate man. There were those that loved him and those who loathed him. Emilio Estavez's latest, Bobby, take a look not so much at the Senator, but what the energy and following that he created in his tragic run for the Presidency in 1968. Bobby is only shown in the movie occasionally through archival footage. What the movie presents is the life of fictional characters either staying or working at the Ambassador Hotel, on the night of his assassination. The Ambassador is of course, where Kennedy made his last victory speech, after winning the California Primary,before meeting his fate while walking through the Hotel kitchen, thought as the time to be a safer way to exit the crowded banquet room where his victory party was held.
The cast was stellar, Emilio's Dad, Martin Sheen was cast as was his ex finance, Demi Moore. Emilio played Moore's husband showing that you can live out your fantasies by writing the movie. Demi's current husband, Ashton Kutcher, is brilliant as a 60s era hippie philosopher. Also appearing were Helen Hunt, Anthony Hopkins, Harry Belefonte and Sharon Stone.
Most have forgotten that there were others wounded by gunfire in the assasination, the movie reminds us of that using some of it's characters as victims.
The film has not exactly packed 'em in, but is definitely a worthwhile look at history and at an era that brought so much promise.

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