Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sam Barer's Tips On Car Buying

Everyone who knows my youngest first cousin Sam Barer, realizes that he is a car fanatic. He has written a car column in the Daily Olympian for several year. For several months, Sam has written an automotive blog called Fourwheeldrift. In his last entry, Sam gives valuble advice to car shoppers.

"I can’t stress this enough: you should be focused on vehicles that fulfill ninety-percent of your needs, not the vehicle that delivers specialized capabilities for the once or twice per year activities. You wouldn’t believe how many people have come to me asking about which SUV or pickup truck to buy, and through simple (yet methodical) needs analysis concluded a sedan or minivan was the correct purchase.
So to get to the bottom of what you need, rather than what vehicle fits your desired image of your needs — ask yourself these questions based on prior years:
How many passengers will regularly riding simultaneously and how many will need children’s car seats?
How many times will I be towing a boat or trailer larger than a small utility trailer?
How many times per year will I be going skiing, hiking or driving icy/snowy/muddy roads that are not plowed/maintained?
How many times per year will I be hauling materials/garbage/yard waste?
How many times per year will people of 6-feet or taller be riding in both front and rear seats?"

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Dave Zarkin said...

I answer "no" to all of Sam's questions. The Infiniti SUV parked next to my Plymouth in the garage has belched out a huge oil puddle. For all its shortcomings, I will stick with my 1994 Acclaim.