Friday, December 15, 2006

Oops! Falcon Coach Slips Up In Local Interview

Atlanta Falcons Coach Jim Mora, Jr, slipped on a verbal banana peal yesterday when he told Sportsradio KJR talk show hosts Dave "Softy" Mahler and Hugh Millen that he was interested in coaching the Washington Huskies. Mahler, who is known for "stirring the pot" made the statement that opened up the can of worms. Here is a transcript courtesy of ESPN
Interviewer: If it ever works out, if there's an opening, and you're available, we want you to coach the Huskies.
Mora: Well, I really have a lot of respect for Ty, and I know he'll do a great job. But if he ever decides to move on, and get in the NFL or you know, go back to Notre Dame or whatever, if that job's open you'll find me at the friggin' head of the line with my resume in my hand ready to take that job.
Interviewer: If you're available.
Mora: It doesn't even matter if I'm available.
Interviewer: So if you just won the Super Bowl, and it's available, you're there?
Mora: I'd be there
Interviewer: You're there, OK.
Mora: Dewey, I promise you that. Now, I want to see Ty succeed, and I want to see that program succeed. But if he decides at some point that he's ready to move on and they want me, I will be there. I don't care if we're in the middle of a playoff run, I'm packing my stuff and coming back to Seattle.
Interviewer: So, are you saying ...
Mora: You know, it's funny, and I mean that, and I'm dead serious, the further I get away from it the more I'm drawn to it. You know, that's the job I want, so...
Interviewer: You would leave the Falcons for that job?
Mora: Absolutely.
Interviewer: Wow.
Mora: As I'm sitting here, I'm looking at a Huskies helmet.

At a news conference today, Mora made a clarification, undoubtedly his statement was scripted!

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