Sunday, December 10, 2006

NFC West Clinch Not In The Cards For 'Hawks

For the third week in a row, the Seattle Seahawks started a football game by letting the other team get a large lead and for a while it looked like the 'Hawks were roaring back in grand fashion, but a comeback victory was not in the "Cards" as Arizona squeaked by the 'Hawks 27-21. The Seahawks and everyone watching learned 2 things.
1. Edgerrin James is not done.
2. Matt Leinart is ready for the big time.
Edgerrin ran for over 100 yards for the second time in a row, while Matt Leinart amassed 232 yards as the Cardinals combined the veteran along with the rookie with a bigtime play by Adrian Wilson to show that the NFL West may not belong solely to the Seahawks much longer.
Since the San Francisco 49ers lost to the Packers, A Seahawk victory would have clinched the division championship. The Seahawks play the 49ers at home in a special Thursday night game on the NFL network.

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