Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dennis Erickson Goes To Warmer Climates

Maybe you can't blame Dennis Erickson for leaving the University Of Idaho to coach at Arizona State in the Pac-Ten. It is just that this scenario is becoming too familiar. Erickson took the job with Idaho under pretenses that he wanted to coach at a small school again. He had just lost his job with the San Francisco 49ers. He was unwanted. He had coached at the U OF I before
and was anxious to get back to his roots. Then the Arizona State job opened up and rumors swirled of Erickson's interest in the position. Erickson said that he was staying in Moscow, he had no interest in the job.
Today's Seattle Times reports that Dennis Erickson is taking the job with Arizona State. Once again he has bamboozled the people who supported and hired him. Erickson is in the same league with ex-Washington coach Rick Neuheisel. The big gig is much more important than loyalty or credibility.

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