Friday, December 22, 2006

The Apprentice Returns!

The much awaited (at least by 5 of us) 6th season of The Apprentice is finally upon us as 18 candidates will vie to become run one of Donald Trump's companies. Traditionally Trump starts his show describing the virtues of New York City, but he no longer do that as the show will be set in Los Angeles for the first time. The show was filmed a year ago, but was but on hold for the fall season presumably because of a big decline in the ratings. That means 2 candidates are going crazy wondering if they will be the one chosen. Since the show is filmed in a warmer climate, look for skimpier clothing to be worn by both men and women on the show. The first episode will be January 7th at 9:30. I plan on offering my analysis of each episode here. You can also check No Deep Thoughts , or none other than Ivanka Trump's blog.

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