Sunday, March 05, 2006

Steve Lawrence And Eydie Gorme: Review

Last Wednesday, my Dad and Jean treated us to Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme at Lovely McCallum Hall in Palm Desert. Although they are not always the music of our generation, they were extremely entertaining with standards from every decade since the forties. The couple have been widely lampooned mostly by themselves at themselve but are indeed talented. They have done albums paying tribute to Irving Berlin, George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter and most recently Frank Sinatra. In addition, they have a comedy act that is not always G rated nor is it always politically correct. There were people of all ages there and everybody enjoyed the show which included a singalong, as well as a documentry film showing them with seemingly every entertainment heavyweight of our time.
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Dave Zarkin said...

Steve & Edie had a hit with song "Together" and also a song from "Damn Yankees." People used to say that my Uncle Morrie looked like Steve but I couldn't see it. S&E were regulars Sunday night on Ed Sullivan in the 50s. I love the McCallum, where cousin Jan scored free tickets for Tony Martin, Tex Benike orchestra and Beryl Davis last January. The people watching is super and if you aren't driving a Bentley or a Mercedes you look out of place although I did see a Chrysler New Yorker in the parking lot (must have been poor white trash). All the women are in their 90s and look 50 with the miracle of cosmetic surgery. Their husbands have gone to their just reward so it's time to spend the $$$$. Palm Springs is where I saw Trini Lopez up close and personal at a birthday party for former cabaret singer Ruth Gibson. I saw Linda Rondstadt last week at Orchestra Hall here and although she's put on some weight (who hasn't) she looks great.

Dave Zarkin said...

Steve and Edye recorded "Two Lost Souls" from Dam Yankees.