Monday, March 27, 2006

Apprentice Episode 5--Dan Sinks The Ship

Lots of Suprises on this week's Apprentice right to the end. We flashback to the boardroom where Roxanne, who apears to be one of the weakest candidates, says that Tammy is a better leader than Andrea. Andrea is not going to take that lying down and the two women face each other. It apears that Andrea is the victor as she is an A type if there ever was one. Roxanne has a lot of resolve though and steps up to be project manager.
Dan, who many predicted would take all the marbles, is PM for Goldrush.
He is a take charge guy. Something that rattles everyone. I had mistakingly thought that there was an alliance between Dan and Lee, but the two seem like rivals now.
The two teams board cruise ship Norwegian Jewel, not for a leisurely spin around New York Harbor, but to come up with a commercial for Norwegian Cruise Lines. You've seen the Carnival Cruise commercials with the heavy drumbeat and the action shots.
Lenny comes up with the idea of a shipwrecked castaway who boards the ship and is blown over by the offerings.
Synergy's idea is emphasizing "Free Style Cruising" can choose their activites rather than having them assigned or something to that effect. Their idea is to show a compare and contrast concept where you show a couple bored by a standard cruise compared with the offerings of Norwegian's Free Style cruise.
I thought Gold Rush had the better presentation but there big mistake was to use text rather than a voice over for the commercials. Apearantly Dan did not know that Gold Rush's shrinking violet Leslie had broadcasting experience.
Roxanne' s presentation was shaky at best, but an outstanding voiceover made the spot effective and Synergy is declared the winner.
Synergy finally gets a decent reward as they get to pick diamonds in a secret vault patrolled by armed guards.
Tarek, who is in a lot of "hot water" with Trump wants Dan to bring in Lee and Lenny. Tarek it apears, is Dan's only ally. Tarek makes an almost fatal comment though, "you will have no friends in that boardroom" Dan must have seen other Apprentices so he takes that as a threat and brings Tarek in with Lee. He does not bring Lenny in because he thinks that Lee and Lenny would be a force to big to be renkoned with. That is where the biggest suprise comes in. You would think that Trump would fire Tarek who has been on the chopping block since day one. But Trump is angry that Dan did not bring Lenny in and fires Dan. Posted by Picasa


PJ said...

I thought it was right to let Dan go, Even though the commercial was based on Lenny's idea it was Dan and Tarek who made the fatal mistakes in the editing room.

Dave Zarkin said...

Good news that "Andrea is not going to take that lying down" so we won't need to activate the V-chip or change the channel. Keep on that reality stuff.