Monday, March 20, 2006

The Apprentice: Brent Meets Reality

Until this week's episode, Brent was thought to be the weird, but lovable scapegoat for Team Synergy. After this episode, it is clear that he is a dillusional vindictive loose cannon.
Synergy and Goldrush began the show meeting at the Trump Grill which is also in the Trump Tower. Maybe Trump is also a delusional vindictive loose cannon as well, at least he has something to bank on.
During this show I took careful notes and had come up with an angle for this weeks show, it all went out the window with the boardroom. Goldrush wins the task and it is now obvious that these too teams were chosen well.
Synergy goes to the boardroom and noone on the team mentions Brent. They know that the team did not perform well in this task. Trumpquizzes each individual on what they think of project manager Tammy. Everyone has high praise for her until it is Brent's turn. "She Stank!" was Brent's assessment. Trump finally has the ammunition that he needs, he realizes that Synergy had learned it's lesson about accountability and finally does what he has wanted to do all season. He fires Brent Michael Buckman.

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PJ said...

Yeah, Brent really showed his butt in the boardroom. It was his time for sure.