Monday, March 06, 2006

The Apprentice--Synergy Sticks It To Brent

Once again, the candidates failed to grasp a lesson taught on previous shows, perhaps these high flyers are too involved to actually watch The Apprentice, but looking at this dysfunctional group, I am inclined to doubt it.
Tarek returns to the suite knowing that he was spared by Summer's untimely ramblings.
Just like last week, this task will involve two seemingly unrelated things, text message and a new razor by Gillette called "The Fusion"
Synergy had just one the last task, but seems to have very little of it's own "synergy". Brent is obnoxious and he is monopolizing the brainstorming meetings with his bizarre behaviour. Meanwhile, Lee, is project manager for Goldrush, he shows very little or nothing in his leadership style. Lenny who is very blunt says that they are wasting time and all they need is too just find a key word. At first Lee resists, but eventually realizes that although the messenger is awkward, the message is correct.
The next morning Roxanne wakes up her synergy teamates, she realizes that Goldrush is already rolling. Stacey, a native New Yorker picks the Times Square as a location. She had earlier said that she was threatened by Brent. Pepe the team leader is worthless as he cannot make a decision to save his life.
Although this week's product was a razor, it was not a close shave. Goldrush wallops Synergy. As a special reward they participate in Career Gear, a non profit organization providing clothes to disadvantaged men looking for work.
Synergy of course wants to throw Brent "under the bus" or maybe off the roof of the Trump Tower. However we all know that if you blame the eccentric for the loss when others are responsible, Trump will see right through it and so it goes. Stacey and Pepe are deservedly fired, Brent will stay, guaranteeing another interesting episode. As the candidates leave, you cannot miss Brent smirking at the two fired candidates.
By the way, Ivanka Trump got to sit in the boardroom in Caroline's place and fortunately, resembles her mom. Posted by Picasa

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PJ said...

I love Lenny's "lets just go do it already" attitude. Stacy to me, was even more annoying than Brent and I'm glad to see her gone.