Monday, March 13, 2006

Apprentice 5 The Pendulum Swings Back

The episode begins with Synergy and even some members of Gold Rush hoping to find out about Brent's firing, soon the remaining Synergy candidate should come filing in. All of a sudden, a larger than life figure filled the doorway with "La Shanah Tovah"!
Yes, the High Holidays have started and 2 Jewish members of Goldrush will leave this task to observe Lee and Dan. Lenny is also Jewish but he remains for better or worst. He tries to shame Lee and Dan, Lenny, did you ever hear of Sandy Koufax, who sat out a World Series game and became a hero for doing that?
This week the task is to set up a retreat for GM dealerships across the the nation to introduce the Chevy Tahoe.
If you remember last week, Goldrush stepped up to the task while Synergy did not quite get off the ground. This week it is quite the opposite and the blame goes directly to Theresa, who volunteers to be Goldrushes PM. She appoints Tarek to be creative director, then won't listen to his idea to get a theme. She pulls all sorts of ideas out of her head, but nothing ties together.
They bring female models, make some sort of muddy golf course and on top of that secure a vulgar comedianne. Andrea takes the reigns of Synergy and they come up with a theme right away. I wonder how a team that a week ago couldn't get up in time is now running so smoothly. It must be because Andrea has a theory on how to deal with "off the wall" Brent. She lets him say his piece and then moves on. Synergy comes up with the theme "Nature Refined" (you may say that they have synergy). There performance ties in with rock climbing, fly fishing, and skeet shooting. One problem, they cannot shoot skeet in the park so they change that to a golf cart race. I don't know how a golf cart race ties to the outdoors, but with a bunch of drunk car dealers it's a hit!
Synergy wins and gets to swim with the sharks. Brent gets to be the sacrificial lamb and his team jokes about maybe it's a good way to cure a problem, at least I think they're joking. Anyone on Goldrush could be fired but Theresa is focused on Lenny who is blunt and marches to his own drum. She also brings in Tarek, who was almost fired in episode 1. Again, Tarek is almost fired but makes it out. Trump seems to like Lenny who says "fire them all." It is obvious that Theresa is a lousy leader and is fired. Posted by Picasa


PJ said...

Yeah, Theresa was petty bad but as the tasks getting harder both teams really will have to start working together better. No one seems to let anyone else talk, listening is important too.

Eric "Ren" Fisk said...

Just like PJ wrote earlier: This whole episode was about listening or how failing to do so will lead to eventual failure.

“Gold Rush” failed because Theresa FAILED to listen to other people’s suggestions and FAILED to listen to their concerns. She thought that the best way to win was to be in total control and treat everyone else like extra sets of hands… at the same time she allowed Charlimane to have too much control of big details like the comedian.

Mike Barer said...

Thank you for your comments. I would agree. Also you can can show your emotions in the suite, just don't let it affect your job in the field.