Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Appretice V First Episode (cont.)

Synergy has a brain storming session to kick around some promo's. They come up with a free spa treatment that was Brent's 2nd or 3rd idea. At least he has ideas. Brent finds out that hs team wants him to ride in the blimp. Brent is not a happy camper but, his team does not want him being their face or voice.
Goldrush lead by Tarek, with his IQ in the upper stratosphere, does not seem to be able to develope any ideas that would make anyone want to come. Like maybe see if Donald Trump could autograph books? Intead,they give away "gift bags" duffel bags with no gifts.
Summer a restaurant tycoon, volunteers to contact restaurants by phone to invite them to seek out Sam's Club memberships. She makes one call and decides to bag it. Houston--we have a problem!
Synergy does not win the challenge as much as Goldrush lost it. Synergy only signed up 43 memberships, Goldrush 40. Synergy wins lunch with Donald Trump at a swanky New York club. Goldrush must go to the boardroom.
At the luncheon Donald waxes philosophic about how his struggles cannot compare to a disaster in India, etc. To me it sounded like a bunch of crap, because although he is charitable, he is more outwardly materialistic than anyone you would know.
When Goldrush goes to the boardroom, they want to put Summer on the chopping block, but Donald says "not so fast" , Tarek did not lead properly and besides that, Summer is beautiful. Donald decides to come down on Tarek and is about to drop the axe when Summer chimes in and then you know she is going to get it now rather than later. Trump fires her and Summer finally realizes that this is not her "season".

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