Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The First Gun Totin' Veep

In 1804, Thomas Jefferson's Vice President Aaron Burr shot and killed former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in a duel. Hamilton (a signer of the Declaration Of Independance) went down in history as a hero and Patriot. Aaron Burr was pretty much forgotten or considered a black mark in American history. Posted by Picasa


Dave Zarkin said...

What's the fuss all about? It's Republicans shooting Republicans and the old guy was slow on the draw. Wake me when it's over.

Dave Zarkin said...

Was I dreaming? Did anyone else hear it last night? I am talking about the Target commercial during Smallville on the WB with a redo of “Nothing Can Change the Shape of Things to Come” from the 1966 American International Pictures cult classic, “Wild in the Streets.” Try to even find this movie, but I was lucky enough to record it off of Sundance several years ago. And who besides me remembers hunky Christopher Jones singing “Nothing Can Change”. This is truly amazing that Target resurrected this song from a memorable low-budget movie.