Monday, March 27, 2017

Your Comments Will Appear

Ok, you read a blog post, you either disagreed and wish to tell it like it really is, or you love it so much, you want to respond.  You type out the perfect comment push the post column then, POOF, it vanishes.  Did I push the wrong button?  You type it out again, then make sure you hit post, it's gone again. 
Don't worry! Comment moderation is on.  That gives me a chance to look at comments before they are posted.  I love comments, it means I moved the reader enough to wear they want to respond.  What's great is that lately, I've gotten plenty. 
I only don't post them if they are selling something, spamming the board, which is what made me to to comment moderation in the first place, or if they are super mean.  For instance, if I'm writing about how I really admire someone and write something very nice, then someone makes a mean comment to the point that it may be hurtful, chances are, I may not post the comment. If you write something accusatory of the subject of the post and show no proof, I may also not post the comments. 
Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and thank you for your comments!

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