Sunday, March 05, 2017

Whitman College--Only Current Unbeaten Team In US

This May, it will mark 38 years since I moved to the Seattle area from Walla Walla, but I can't help to have a little bit of  pride when something wonderful happens in the old home town.  Whitman College, the small liberal arts college within walking distance from the house where I grew up is making national news.  What's even more incredible, it's sports news.  US News reports that the Whitman Blues, they are no longer the Fighting Missionaries, are they only unbeaten men's college basketball team at any level in the nation. 
At one time, Whitman's football team was a powerhouse, coached by the legendary Raymond Vincent Borleske. Walla Wallans may not know of Coach Borleske, but probably know the name. The local stadium was named after him.
A few decades ago, the school discarded it's football program on account of economics.  Basketball remained, not achieving much more than yawns. Until now
The school's academics have been source of pride to the community, however, it's often Liberal social outlook often infuriates local Conservatives. 
Whitman at one time was an NAIA school, it's now NCAA Division III

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