Thursday, March 23, 2017

Rockin' Beau Roberts

I just heard his voice on the KZOK voice bumpers this morning.  Puget Sound Media blog announced that Paul Stencil, known in this area as Beau Roberts has passed away. I met Beau, who then went by "Paul Roberts" at the WSU student radio station, KUGR.   He was hailed by the staff as a production genius and he was.  He did about 90 per cent of the stations commercials as I remember.  In addition, he had a Sunday Night Jazz Show on the station.  With his deep voice, it was obvious that he was born for radio.  He would soon get on the air at KRPL, the top-40 station in nearby Moscow. 
By the time I moved to Seattle, Roberts was an established air presence at KISW.  He would later move to KZOK, where it seemed like the bulk of his work was in the production studio.  Just tonight, on my drive home,  after hearing of his death, his voice was still on the station promos.  Thank you for the picture.

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