Thursday, March 09, 2017

Mayor Murray To Appear On Don And Ron

Seattle mayor Ed Murray will be a guest on the Ron And Don Show on KIRO FM 97.3 tonight (March 9th, 2017).  Although the show, with a huge audience skews mostly toward entertainment rather than politics, the pair have been extremely critical toward Murray on issues ranging from homeless encampments to the city's alleged refusal to pay for a veteran police detective's surgery.  Don has been the main instigator on criticism of the mayor's policies. He lives in Seattle.
The appearance has been announced for 6:00pm.  Ron and Don, have had the KIRO Drive Time position for well over 10 years starting on 710 AM  than moving to 97.3 FM when the  AM station went to an all sports format.  Murray will be up for  election later this year.

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Jason Remington said...

What a weasel! Seattle's mayor is a spendthrift, to say the least. A bleeding heart liberal who snubbed federal funding to continue his sanctuary city lifestyle--welcoming the homeless, degrading the city-- and asking for tax increases to substitute funding. I will say it again: Seattle is a cesspool.