Saturday, March 04, 2017

Hidden Figures--Great Movie

Last Tuesday, having a day off, I decided to catch the movie Hidden Figures.  it is a true story of three brilliant African-American women who worked at NASA.  It is the early 60s and the Jim Crow segregation laws are in effect.  The women are good hard workers, but get little respect because of their gender and race.
The main character is Katherine, an amazing mathematician, she leaves the segregated computer room to have an assignment at the space task room.  She is mistaken at first for the cleaning lady. She is not allowed to use the ladies room near where she works, so she has to cross the compound everytime she needs to go. 
Katherine's two friends each have their own ambitions, to which they each have hurdles they need to overcome because of their race.
Kevin Costner is great as Mr Harrison, Katherine's stressed out, but "good at heart" boss. Jim Parsons of TV's "The Big Bang Theory" plays Katherine's biggest detractor.
I watched the film at the Regal Issaquah Highlands, one of the area's newest theatres.

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