Monday, August 17, 2015

The Man From Uncle Film Brings Back 1960s Chic

I enjoyed The Man From Uncle because it took me back to my childhood.  The mid 1960s had America embroiled in the Cold War, a figurative chess match between the US and the Soviet Union.  The space program was in full swing, it was the jet age and America loved spies.  James Bond movies were big, there was "I Spy", The Avengers, Secret Agent Man, and the Man From Uncle.  I really didn't watch many episodes of the Man From Uncle, but it was a widely popular show with suspense and international intrigue. 
I believe that this movie brought back that sense that was in the period that we were always in danger and these men with unique skills would protect us.
  The movie teams two spies an  American Napoleon Solo and a Russian Ilya Kuryakin, who respect but don't trust each other, but form an uneasy alliance for a common goal,   In this case, too find a scientist who has a recipe for a bomb that can blow up the world. 
The movie has all the elements of a spy movie, European travel, fast cars, fast car chases, and beautiful women.  Although the numbers for this movie were reported to be disappointing, I'm hoping they do decide to film a sequel.

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