Friday, August 14, 2015

Maple Valley Les Schwab Comes Through

Last Saturday, I pulled up at the Les Schwab in Maple Valley.  The tire pressure light on the dashboard had been on for a week. I had thought that it was a matter of putting a little air in the tires or maybe the light was on by mistake.  I stopped by at 1:30 in the afternoon and got immediate service.  I was told though that they needed to take a look at the tire.  I was starting to get nervous, because I had a Bat Mitzvah to attend in Bellevue, a 40 minute drive at 5:00.  Deb was already in Bellevue, working at the store and had not planned to come home before the service.
I asked if they could have it done by 3:30 and they said it would be tough because Saturday afternoons were so busy.  I went to the front desk and told them about my situation, they said they could do it.  While they were working on the tire, I took Dasher for a walk on the trail behind the store.  A few minutes after I returned to the store, the tire was repaired.  Right around 2:45 or so, plenty of time to get ready and go to the service in Bellevue.  On top of that, there was NO CHARGE since I had bought my tires at Les Schwab in Bellevue a couple years earlier.  Upon leaving, I understand why Les Schwab rules the tire business in the Northwest.

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