Saturday, August 22, 2015

Comemorative Bench

This bench now sits on the Prom in Seaside Oregon, just south of the turnaround.  Seaside was our vacation spot growing up.  About 18 years ago, I brought my wife down who in turn, introduced it to her family (who were originally from the East Coast).  They fell in love with the place and have returned every year.  Along the Prom, there are benches with plaques honoring many of the families that have lived and vacationed in the oceanside town.  My wife's grandmother's (Lillian "GG" Eldridge) wish was to be remembered with such a bench.  She is alive and doing fine, and will soon get to visit and see the bench.  The bench also mentions my in-laws.
Thank you to my cousins Barbara and Laurie, who posted this picture along with a couple others on their visit.

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