Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Howard Schultz Tossing Latte In Ring?

News sources including the Seattle Times, have run stories about the possibility of Starbucks Howard Schultz entering the presidential race as a Democrat.  There is really no rhyme or reason for Schultz to consider this, while the Starbucks brand is nationally known, I don't believe that Schultz is.  
In the Seattle area where he is well known, Schultz is widely blamed for selling the Super Sonics to out of town interests, leading to the loss of NBA basketball in the area.  For the people who don't like sports, they may remember that Schultz wanted the legislature to approve funds to remodel the Key Arena, during a recession that was devastating to our state. 
Of course, Schultz had brought Starbucks back to life when he reassumed the CEO position, but good businessmen do not always make good politicians.

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