Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vern Fonk Pitchman Dies

Rob Thielke, whose ads for high risk insurance company Vern Fonk ran alongside commercials for bail bondsman and used car lots, has died of cancer.  Thielke, whose face was much better known than his name, was thought by many to be "Vern Fonk".  He was known for his maniacal behavior in ads that singlehandedly made the company a household name.  To say the ads were of questionable taste would be wrong, the ads had no taste, but it was clear that Thielke was creative and a master of physical comedy.  He also had insurance chops, I have just found out that in 2013, Thielke had been named president of Vern Fonk Insurance.  Reports say, Thielke's ads will continue to run as that is what his family has said that he would want.

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