Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gasman Scores A Goal With Authentic Masterpiece

In 2008, the Seattle Mariners went on a depressing losing skid, finishing the season, deep in last place.  The Seahawks, only 3 years removed from a super bowl appearence, provided little relief going 4-12.  The Cougars and Huskies had a couple of wins, both belonging to the Cougs.  To make matters worst, the one major team with a championship, the Sonics, left for Oklahoma City. 
The time was right for something to go right in the Seattle sports world and it did.  In Authentic Masterpiece, former KJR sports radio talk show host Mike Gastineau presents an entertaining history of what he calls the "...the best franchise launch in American Sports history. "  Gastineau writes that Paul Allen's attempt to build a new stadium for the Seahawks was doomed until they tapped into a huge covert market, Soccer fans.   A football-soccer stadium proposal was barely approved by the Seattle electorate.
Gastineau goes brick by brick on how a management team, an unusual combination of a Minor League Soccer team owner, an actor-comedian, a Hollywood movie producer and one of the richest men in the world formed a unique forward looking management team.  The search for the coach. Putting together the team, And finally the unique, but large contingent of Soccer Fans, know to flood Seattle bars in the early morning hours to watch soccer matches halfway around the world.
We read about Drew Carey, who was the comedian-part owner who came up with one of the craziest ideas in professional sports after a bad Sounder loss.
Mike Gastineau was at KJR for 2 decades, and made his reputation as "the voice of reason".  This book shows that he has real talent as a writer.  If you are a sports fan, but maybe not a soccer fan, like me, this book will key in on what makes the team and the sport a local success.  If you are a Sounders fan, this is a must read.  For more information on the book, you can go to the Gastineau website.

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