Sunday, April 20, 2014

Barers Go To Vegas

My wife and I, along with my Mother-in-law, spent a few days in Las Vegas.  Mother-in-law had been there for the entire week, Deb and I flew down Wednesday.  We drove all the way up the strip on the first night and stopped in at the Gold And Silver Pawn Shop, made famous by the History Channel reality show Pawn Stars  (pictures 3rd and 4th from top).   We did not eat at the Heart Attack Grill, (second from top), but I thought that it made an interesting picture.  We also stopped in at Circus Circus (top picture).  On Thursday, we spent a lot of time enjoying the 90 degree weather at the pool.  We toured the strip at night.  We at Bobby's Burger Palace, run by Food Network chef Bobby Flay.  The next day, we toured Red Rock State Park (bottom picture). It was a beautiful drive though we were short on time as we had to return for an evening show. 
We watched Vegas The Show at the Planet Hollywood Casino.We conclude the night with dinner at the PBR restaurant.

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