Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dan Lewis Leaving KOMO News Desk

After 27 years, Dan Lewis is calling it quits as KOMO 4 TV news anchor.  Lewis who along with the late Kathi Goertzen and weatherman Steve Poole were amongst the longest running local TV news teams in the country.   As well as his longevity or maybe because of it, Lewis has become known as a steady presence in the local media, guiding viewers through a couple of personal tragedies such as the passing of Kathi Goertzen and a helicopter crash that took the life of a KOMO reporter and pilot last month.  Lewis was brought over from Washington, DC in 1987 to replace retiring anchor Jim Harriott.  He has said his decision to come out west to work at KOMO 4, the best move he has ever made.  Lewis will make his last newscast toward the end of May.

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