Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Last Call" For Bill The Beerman

Seattle lost one of it's "characters" this week with the passing of Bill "The Beerman" Scott. Bill The Beerman did more than sell beer, he sold professional sports in the Northwest (He also briefly worked for the Trail Blazers in Portland), he was a charismatic engaging hulk of a man who lead cheers and who help build what is known as the Seahawk's "12th Man". When I lived in Eastern Washington, Bill and Rick "the Peanutman" were seen in a Rainier Beer commercial trying to pop the top off a "wild Rainier Beer" bottle.
Danny O'Neil said in the Seattle Times that anyone could start the wave, but Bill "would choreograph tsunamis". That was not far from the truth. Back the early days of major sports in Seattle, Bill was much more entertaining than the teams.


steve said...

He wasn't a beerman, he was a professional synergy facilitator.

Another one of those stories that puts a smile on your face and a lump in your throat at the same time.

Dave Zarkin said...

Crazy old guys who sell beer must be a franchise operation because we have Wally the Beerman for the minor league Saints who was hawking Schmidt for the Twins for ages.