Monday, March 26, 2007

The Apprentice: Yes, It Is Personal

Team Arrow has now won several tasks but somehow does not seem to think it commands the respect that it deserves. Arrow is gathered in the kitchen when Trump calls, James answers the phone and is told that the Kinetic team is "decimated" and by golly that is his favorite team (he didn't say that part, really). James was charged to pick a member to go to the opposite team. It is no secret that he would not mind breaking up the Nicole-Tim thing has it seems to have become somewhat of a drag on the rest of the team members. James sends Nicole over to Kinetic, and she does not go gracefully. She is not only angry at James, she does not think her team fought enough for her, especially Tim.
On Kinetic, it is up to Angela to step up to be PM. Her work has come into question many times but she has always been saved because Trump loves champions and she has a Gold Medal in Olympic Hockey. Nicole joins the team with fire in her eyes. You would almost expect Nicole to be PM.
The two teams meet at Grauman's Chinese Theatre (LA's number one tourist trap). Trump wonders why his name is not on the Walk Of Fame, and while we are at it, where's the "Donald Trump Dr." in Palm Springs? Forget it, what he really wants is the naming rights to the "White House". Basically the project is to use something called Adwalker to sell annual passes to Universal Studios at the site. This will be the first time the two teams have gone head to head on the same "turf".
Nicole pitches her new team on a roller skate gimmick, it allows them to be flirty and sexy. Only trouble is it doesn't quite fit their Conservative sorority make up and flops badly. Arrow brings a kiosk set up plenty of signage and an aggressive attitude and wins the task.
The reward this week is the very tired and much cliched helicopter trip over the city. Tim is working like crazy to patch things up with Nicole but to no avail. Frank is angry that Tim is talking to the other team and everything just isn't that simple anymore.
Kinetic is once again in the boardroom and Donald is distressed. Can Angela dodge another bullet? Trump looks for anyway he can avoid firing her (he really could have canned Nicole), but it is obvious that it is time for Angela to leave. Nicole opens her big mouth, and says she wants Tim to be on Kinetic, it was stupid for her to do that, but Trump just tells her to go away.

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PJ said...

The only more boring than the tasks is the reward. Well, except maybe the romance angle. That is getting really old.