Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Apprentice: Bye Bye Surya

Suryea never was a good fit for Arrow. Perhaps that is why they started winning when he came on board. His presence unified the team. The teams had to come up with a halftime promotion at an LA Galaxy Soccer game for GNC, a company who's vitamins and supplements are commonly sold at health food stores and gyms. We never find out who the Galaxy is playing and most of the viewers probably don't care.
Neither presentation was truly inspirational, but Surya thinks that his team's was just great. Wrong again. Everyone knows that Surya will be fired. He is. Surya, I have one piece of advise, if you want to feel part of the team, don't talk to the opposing team that you just switch from.

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PJ said...

That whisper through the fence scene was such a crackup. Surya is just too young, he has not learned to adapt his management style to fit the personalites of his team members.