Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Apprentice: No Soap For Kenetic

This week's task has the teams `writing a 45 minute Webisode, that is a soap opera to promote a soap. In this case Soft Scrub Obviously something everyone should excel at since this is a reality show and criteria of being on this show is to be able to appear well on camera.
James steps up to be project manager for Kinetic and one week after nearly getting fired, he seems to have emerged as a favorite to win. Especially since there is talk of Trump purchasing Real Estate in his home town of Seattle. The premise to Arrows skit is a bachelor who races to clean his pad so he can propose to his girlfriend.
Kinetic, lead by Kristine has Muna in a Desperate Housewives type skit of infidelity. It is well written but Muna's acting is clouded by her accent (she is a native of Jamaica).
Arrow wins and there reward is to fly by private jet to meet California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. James wants to compare experiences, because Arnold is an immigrant success story.
It seems for a couple of weeks now that Kinetic was tiring of Muna, no need to worry, she was fired.

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