Monday, March 05, 2007

The Apprentice: Wheels Fall Off Kinetic Machine

It is ironic that this week's product of choice was the Lexus LS 460 Luxury Sedan, because the two teams, much like the show at this point seem to be chugging along like an old International pick up truck (remember them?).
Nothing new with the Arrow team (pictured above), Nicole and Tim are hot, heavy, hopefully careful. Suryea is off in another world with charts, writing, and jargon, totally clueless on why he is not reaching his team. Frank on the other hand is still Frank, in more ways than one, probably Arrow's most likable member.
On Kinetic, Derek is happy to throw stones at departed Aimee, he is getting a little too cocky and you know he is going to blow it somehow.
The teams meet in Beverly Hills on the Legendary Rodeo Dr., where if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it. Trump pulls up in the most obnoxious Black Limousine with executives from Lexus. Also Randall is going to monitor the task, Randall was the winner from season 3, who alienating his fans by not hiring his runner up, but that is neither here nor there. The teams must each put on an event to promote the new Lexus LS 460 Both teams will have $50 thousand to spend on the task.
I don't know what Kinetic was smoking but their choice of event was more like a carnival, with go-carts, a very scary illusionist, and a dreadfully unprepared hostess in Jenn.
Arrow, behind what looked like the brains of Stefani and James, had a food spread that you would expect at a luxury event. Their event ran very well and were able to win the task, being rewarded by an evening in the studio with Rapper Snoop Doggy Dog.
In the boardroom, Derek self implodes, with his off the cuff reference of himself as "White Trash", Trump gives him the boot right away, if you have been watching, you would remember that Trump is not a fan of modern slang, especially an expression that is both degrading and racist. In addition, Derek is always in a hurry to point a finger, but never takes responsibility himself. Trump is not through, he can either fire Angela, who is in charge of promotion or Jenn who was in charge of the team. He fires Jenn, who unlike the other candidates, leaves with dignity by wishing her old team luck.


PJ said...

Looks like we may end up with men vs women again. I wonder what happened to Ivanka's blog? I thought Randall was long gone from the Trump org, but what do I know?
I didn't have a chance to blog today, maybe I'll get something up tomorrow.
Thanks for the recap, great as always!

Anonymous said...

Good review.

Just one clarifiation: Randall was the season 4 winner. Kendra won season 3.

Mike Barer said...

I knew that 2. I did the review at 4:30 in the morning and obviously was not thinking clearly. Thank you for catching that!