Monday, February 05, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

We watched a special screening of this movie tonight and it is indeed an eye opener. First of all to watch a documentary movie with Al Gore as announcer would seem as exciting as spending your Friday night watching grass grow. However this was Monday night and it is time that people face the truth about the direction our earth is going. Anyone living in the Seattle area would notice that the winters and the summer have become much warmer in the last few years. We have just worst wind storm in years and our rainiest month was last November.
The movie really is not boring, on the contrary Mr. Gore presents the evidence in a very elementary fashion to illustrate the phenomenon. He also presents ways to reverse the current trends, sometimes with minor lifestyle adjustments. No matter what opinion you have of Mr. Gore, I would deeply recommend watching this movie.


Kitlat said...

The comment that I often make is "where was this guy during the 2000 election season"?

Mike Barer said...

You can tell the truth, you can tell a lie, the question is--will anyone listen.