Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stanley Barer: Magnuson Bumble Bee

Warren Magnuson was an integral part of Washington history serving in the United States Senate from 1945 until he was defeated in the Reagan Landslide of 1980. In a book written about Magnuson, Author Shelby Skates paid tribute to my Cousin Stan Barer , one of Maguson's "Bumble Bees" (a name, said to be coined by Maguson opponent John Erlichman referring to the Senator's young staff). Stan later would serve as Senator Magnuson's administrative assistant.

June 1963: the commencement of a career for Stan Barer, just graduated from the University of Washington Law School and bound for the staff of Senator Warren Magnuson; the start of a hot summer of racial strife for the nation. Barer the first of Professor Ralph Johnson's star pupils to be propelled from the law school to Maggie's employ--was on the way to "the other Washington...Barer the high spirited son of a Russian immigrant turned Walla Walla businessman, had no inkling that his destiny and the black revolution would quickly become intertwined.
The book which was published in 1997, goes on to illustrate Stan's role in writing legislation which would help change the nation's course in the battle for civil rights.


Danny Barer said...

"Bumblebees?" Well, Erlichman always had problems with bugs.

Mike Barer said...

John's daughter came into the store one time. That was rather interesting. I heard that he made peace with many of his enemies during his Indian activist days.