Monday, February 12, 2007

The Apprentice: Aaron Is The One To "BEE" Fired

Trying hard to compete with Desperate Housewives, The Apprentice LA has started to add 2 elements that have made reality shows successful, danger and romance.
In this week's task, teams are asked to go out to a bee farm, with the protective suit and harvest honey which they will process and actually sell in Ralph's Grocery. Neither team really has confidence in their project manager. Aimee is a good rah rah girl, she leads the Kinetic team and fails to instill any confidence in her abilities. There is little doubt that Aimee is on borrowed time. For Arrow, winning project manager Aaron has Trump sore at him for not contributing in the boardroom conversation on the last task. The Ironic thing is that Arrow is known as the boisterous team.
The hero in this case is Derrick, one of the Kinetic teammates who is stung by a bee, but still gets right out to finish the task. He also comes up with the idea of putting on his bee suit to draw attention to the honey. Why didn't Derrick assert that idea the previous task with the chicken suit? My guess is that he was too annoyed by Marissa.
Kinetic wins the task and sends Arrow back to the tents or as Jeff Probst of Survivor would say, "put out your torches and head back to camp!" Sorry, I could not resist.
Former Kinetic team member Suryea is the piece of Arrow's jigsaw puzzle that does not fit. He decides to go over the hedge to talk to the other team as any good traitor would do. Aimee in a bikini laying by the pool says she will protect him. I think of Suryea as a first class weasel and can't wait to see him fired.
In the boardroom, Aimee speaks up and attacks everyone but Suryea. Trump is not fooled and picks up on what she is doing. He obviously is not impressed. He is impressed even less with Aaron. Then there is the romance between Tim and Nicole, Trump is impressed with that, he winks at Sean (last season's Apprentice who is sitting in for Ivanka again) and tells Tim he could be the next Apprentice. To refresh your memory, Shawn had a little thing with Tammy last season that even sparked an engagement rumour. There will be no romance for Aaron, at least not on this show. He was fired.

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PJ said...

I agree Surya needs to go.
I cannot listen as fast as he can talk...ha.